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859 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94109

The Great American Music Hall is a concert venue in San Francisco, California. It is a live music venue, concert hall, and theater. It has a capacity of 470. From the moment you walk in, you'll feel the history of the place and the history of the Bay Area. The ceiling is high and the sound is good. The stage is big and the staff is friendly. The hall features a variety of popular music acts.

Live music in the Bay Area

Since opening, the hall has hosted many of the world’s most famous musicians. It is a live venue that has played host to many different genres of music including blues, jazz, country, rock and roll, and more. It was built expressly for the purpose of bringing the best possible in live music to the broadest possible audience. Today, the Music Hall is home to live concerts, stand-up comedy, and literary events. For over 100 years, Great American Music Hall has been a historic and legendary stop in San Francisco. A place where people come together to celebrate, dance, and enjoy the best in American music. The hall has been called the "West Coast home of live music" and is one of the last of the great, old-fashioned theaters.

There have been many musical legends who have graced the stage at Great American Music Hall. It has been a staple in the San Francisco music scene for over 100 years.

The calendar on this page is updated regularly with the latest concerts, comedy shows, and other live events.

San Francisco concerts

A city of many identities, San Francisco has a rich and diverse music scene. It is home to great music venues like the Fillmore and the Great American Music Hall. From classical to jazz, hip-hop, blues, electronic music, and pop, you'll find it all in the city of San Francisco. Whatever your taste, San Francisco has something for you.

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With a ton of art and culture to offer, San Francisco has countless live concerts to choose from, and all types of genres.