Events at Leo Kreielsheimer Theater

Leo Kreielsheimer Theater

Steve Keating

155 Mercer St., Seattle, WA 98109

Leo Kreielsheimer Theater, nicknamed Leo K., is one of the venues of Seattle Rep, or Seattle Repertory Theatre company.

Leo Kreielsheimer Theater opened in 1997, and has since been redefining theatre for a new generation by revitalizing classics and pushing boundaries in storytelling.
It is an intimate venue, with 282 seats.

Founded in 1963, Seattle Repertory Theatre has grown to be one of the nation's most vibrant and influential theater companies. Seattle Rep is committed to producing innovative and thought-provoking theater that engages and inspires audiences in the most unexpected ways. They aim to provide artistic and professional training that will ensure future generations will continue to dream, create, and perform theater's most vital art form, even in the face of change. Theater is a living parallel world that mirrors all aspects of life. The Seattle Rep Theatre work expands and illuminates audiences' sense of what is possible with the human experience.

Seattle Repertory has been producing major works in a variety of genres and is known for offering great theatre in its venues, Bagley Wright Theater and Leo Kreielsheimer Theater.

Seattle Rep is at the forefront of theatre arts in the Pacific Northwest and has been continuously recognized as one of the country’s leading theatre companies, offering a wide range of productions with diverse perspectives and voices.

Your ticket to great art and atmosphere at its best is a visit to the Seattle Repertory Theatre. Have a thrilling evening seeing award-winning work from their repertoire, the hottest of Washington performances, and the great ensemble of artists.