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925 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

If you're a music lover and want to immerse yourself in the Seattle music scene, Neumos has what you're looking for.

Neumos is a beautiful venue with a lot to offer. It is a Seattle music venue that has been around since 1992 under the name of "Moe's Mo'Roc'n Cafe" and was renamed to the current name relaunching in 2003. They have a variety of different genres of music that they put on, including rock, grunge, indie, and electronic. Many people enjoy going to Neumos because they have a variety of different music that you are able to listen to and it is a great place to just hang out and enjoy the night. The club provides a safe, welcoming environment for all types of people.

Neumos is Seattle's premiere live venue, with several shows hosted per week. Located on Capitol Hill, Neumos has been a central fixture of the local music scene for nearly 30 years. Locals and tourists alike flock to the venue for its live music, including indie, folk, rock, country, and more. With a great sound system, awesome lighting, and a dance floor, Neumos is the perfect place to party with friends.

Playing host to some of the biggest names in music and hosting spectacular performances by local acts, Neumos is a destination for music lovers. It is a live music venue and bar that attracts some of the best Seattle-area bands and touring acts. The club is located at 925 E. Pike Street and has a capacity of 750 people. Its world-renowned sound system and its state-of-the-art lighting equipment make for a perfect concert-going experience.

Seattle is home to many up and coming indie bands performing in small venues. With a diverse selection of genres and prestigious acts, Seattle is the place for concert-goers. Every night, Neumos offers up a lineup of the city's best up-and-coming artists. The club provides a stage for these artists to share their talents with Seattle nightlife, and it gets people to come out and hear them. Neumos is proud to have hosted some amazing shows, including Muse, Adele and M83.

Seattle has always been a musical town. From small venues to large outdoor festivals, Seattle is an excellent place to experience a live concert. Attending a concert is a great way to spend your free time. Join in on the crowd's excitement, be part of the concert atmosphere, and enjoy the live performances. Seattle has a great concert scene with all genres of music. From pop to rock, indie to hip hop, Seattle has it all.