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May 18 - Sep 05
May 18 - Sep 28
May 18 - Nov 21
May 20
May 21
May 22
May 23
May 25
1700 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

The SODO district in Seattle is one of the most bustling and alive places in the city. Hundreds of people flock to this neighborhood each day to take in the culture and the sights. One of the destinations in the SODO district is Showbox SODO. They have a great selection of live music and an amazing atmosphere. Showbox SODO is home to many up-and-coming artists, as well as a place to listen to some of the iconic musicians of our time.

Featuring an amazing lineup, Showbox SODO is a great place for those who want to make it a night to remember. Fans can enjoy a wide variety of the hottest bands and musicians from around the country. Do you like to see live bands and musicians in concert? If you do, you'll love the energy you'll find at the Showbox SODO. This unique venue is a popular place for all things live.

Seattle is home to some of the best concert venues in the country. This city is the best place for concerts and you can find them almost every day of the week. Check back to see upcoming concerts in Seattle, from up and coming bands to your favorite legends, or sign up for Encore Spotlight newsletter to always know what's on in Seattle.