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1303 NE 45th St Seattle, WA 98105

The Neptune Theatre is the place to be for concerts and live entertainment in Seattle. A local independent concert venue with a long history, Neptune has been dedicated to bringing the best in music and comedy to the Northwest and entertaining audiences for over 100 years. The theatre is a performing arts space that offers music, dance, and theater productions.

A cornerstone of the community and a popular home for Seattle's most vibrant and diverse arts & culture scene, the Neptune Theatre is one of Seattle's premier entertainment venues. With a world-class concert hall and a full season of performances featuring musicians, dancers, and actors, the Neptune Theatre is a cultural hub for the Northwest.

The Neptune Theatre's mission is to celebrate the power of the arts to improve lives, enrich communities, and build a better world.

The best concerts to see in Seattle

Seattle is known for its music scene, and many famous artists call it home. From the beautiful Neptune Theater to numerous other spaces, there are a lot of great concert venues to go to. Your new favorite band could be playing in Seattle any given night! Seattle is an amazing place to go to concerts.

What's your taste? You can see some of the most popular musicians and artists in the world in concert. If you're looking for something a little more off the beaten path, check out some of the smaller venues in the city.

Whether you're in the mood for jazz, classical, country, rock, or bluegrass, Seattle has it all. Head over to the Seattle Center for a jazz performance. The Northwest Sinfonietta, Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Music Northwest, and the Seattle Rock Orchestra are just a few of the many orchestras in Seattle. The Cornish College of the Arts also hosts a variety of musical performances. If you're looking for a reggae music event, head to the Seattle Reggae Festival, and if you're interested in bluegrass, check out the Northwest Folklife Festival.

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Where is The Neptune Theatre in Seattle?

1303 NE 45th St Seattle, WA 98105.

How big is The Neptune Theatre, Seattle?

The Neptune Theatre in Seattle has a capacity of 1,000 (standing).

Does The Neptune Theatre have seats?

Most events are general admission, with no seats.
There are no reservations or assigned seats.